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Steve Greenfield


"Retail automotive is changing at an accelerating pace. We will see more change to vehicle sales and service in the next 10 years than we’ve witnessed in the past 100 years."

- Steve Greenfield

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Auto Intel Report


Steve Greenfield publishes the monthly Automotive Ventures Intel Report, one of the most cited publications in the automotive and mobility space. The Auto Intel Report keeps industry professionals up to date on the big M&A activity and investments being made in the AutoTech space, as well as other helpful information for entrepreneurs, investors and strategic acquirers.

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The Future of
Automotive Retail


Steve Greenfield’s book, "The Future of Automotive Retail" takes a look at what the future holds for dealers and OEMs, and provides a commonsense perspective on what steps should be taken to not only survive the coming changes but thrive despite the changes ahead. 


Steve believes there is a clear path ahead, but it will take progressive thought leadership and proactive action to anticipate and prepare for that future. Those who anticipate change and adapt accordingly will be best positioned to survive — and ultimately to prosper.

The Future of


Steve Greenfield’s new book, "The Future of Mobility" takes on a far greater task, attempting to connect how future advances in mobility (defined by the ways in which we move humans and cargo via land, water, air and eventually space) might help alleviate some of the largest challenges facing humankind.

We reflect on what human beings have done, and are doing, to the planet, specifically from the perspective of mobility, and propose how technology and innovations in mobility may ultimately be what’s needed to help us get out of the mess we’ve created.

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